Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Genting Highland indoor park

Went to Genting with friends last last month...LOL! yes, last year November..
Went there for shooting and casino ^^ because one of the friends got the free room...
By using tripod + long exposure to taking of of this picture..
Hope you guys enjoy the photos..

Date : 6/11/2010
Venue : Genting Highland - Indoor Theme Park
Cemera : Canon EOS 1000D +17-40mm L + tripod

Click on photo for largest photo viewing. Thanks !


~大头~ said...

shutter speed?

珊瑚海's bLog said...

all diffrence i think..cause i m using AV mode and use small apperture...then let is auto speed..small aperture + low light sure will slow shutter :) so don worry bout it ^^

Matt.Tey said...

Look very cool!!

珊瑚海's bLog said...

Thanks ya Matt.Tey :)