Friday, March 18, 2011

Penang槟城 走走看看 2009

-Penang Ferry-

HAHA...yes, another batch of OLD OLD picture xD...
sorryyyy lar..haha..just ignore the date, enjoy the picture and the story ya :)

This one day trip shooting at Penang was the first time i met up with the gang of Canon EOS 1000D member..I am from KL member to meet them at Penang, and they bring me walk around the island to shoot shoot shoot :D

Evan after so long time but I still feel that this batch of photo must be share with you guys because it might help for those thinking to have shooting session at Penang later.

Enjoy!! :DDD

Date : 27/9/2009
Venue : Penang : Penang Ferry, 姓周桥,观音庙,极乐寺,ohters.
Cemera : Canon EOS 1000D +18-55 IS




*** More photo at :!/album.php?aid=202277&id=1360225141