Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally My Dream Come True :)

As title,yes,i bought
CANON EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM Lens!!!

Hahaha..yeah ~~ :P

Yes, this is the first L lens of my photography life :)
L lens is stand for Luxury Lens in CANON~
In generally,sometimes we call L as "red ring" also ~ (红圈)because it is really got a red and big ring surround the lens..

Sure,this lens is sponsor by my dear father..THANK YOU father ! i wont disappoint u,trsut me !

Actually i m very confusing after i decide i want to buy this lens..because i m deceding whether wan to get the new lens or second hand lens..why i confusing because of the warranty from Canon..

Canon got the promotion since last year Octorber about that if buy the product during the promotion sesion will get the 1+2 years warranty..and if i buy the new lens now,January that means as normal i will only get 1 year of warranty..and why i was so confusing is because i get a contact of second hand seller..his lens is about 7 month old with 8/10 condition and with 1+2 years warranty .. the warranty is make me so cofusing when i decide to buy this lens ..

But finally i decide to get the NEW lens :) one of the reason is, i not really like to use those thing that use by people i get the new lens at last :)
It's cost RM2.8K ...OMG,is a big wont disappoint you,father :)
and the lens filter is a gift from YOU..
i will remember this,don worry :)

As you know,the range of this lens is 17-40mm..that means i already have this range in my kit lens (18-55)..then why i still looking for this range?
oh ya,haha,as your knowledge this 17-40 L is the cheapest L lens between the L lens..
and i choose this lens not because the range,but because the quality and the focus speed to replace my kit lens's quality and focus speed..

As last time i receive a pet shooting that shooting dog,i m using kit lens that time was really sweat and hold my head to ask myself how i make it better and better because the dog is too active and keep move keep jump and my kit lens focus speed is not that fast..

And i choose for the quality,speed and that i can not require for the distance anymore..otherwise it will cost alot alot and alot..playing photography is burning money if you are really wish to play the tools..but wat i can say is the price is worth to the quality.. :)
So for this lens i cant shoot for too far object cause it is only 40mm for maximum..i have to go near abit..

And here is some picture of my new lens and others :)

17-40 with box and lens hood

18-55 IS kit

50mm F1.8 and 18-55 IS kit

Nissin Di622 and the two lens

**( you will see alot RED colour in this post...haha :) )

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