Monday, August 25, 2008

Ya,this is Malaysia style.

As u see from the picture at the top,there was a notice board that warning the public about can not park ur motocycle at that area but.............ya,what u see is this picture?

In same place also,there was yellow line there and for a person who have driving license who should know that at the yellow line area is not allowed to parking or stop the car evan 5 minute because it will seriously cause the traffic jam happen at that area.But in Malaysia,i tell u ,u can do it...the driver also can stop his car evan very close to the T juction of the road and u will listen "Beeeeeeep.....Beeepppppp.....",but the driver in the car still do nothing and just waiting his wife buying something nearny there..WTF is this?? Is it this is cultural of Malaysia?? Is it Malaysian is so selfish? I want to ask,where the DBKL(Dewan bandaraya kuala lumpur) in this time?or traffic police? Or is it the job of DBKL only sapu the panjaja-panjaja at lorong? don know la...
Ok,now same problem again..k,as u see what are the guy doing there? of cours is smoking lo,3 years old children see this act also know is smoking..he smoking is nothing wrong but he was smoking at the bottom of "small" notice board(NO SMOKING)..wah..i tell u la,this place is at KLCC,the infront there is the water pool..i think Malaysian is so hign class..or mayb the guy is not well in English ba, that area,if i no mistake there was about 10 notice board to warning public can not smoking at this public area but what u see in this picture? and then where are the official? where the guard? all blind or what?
Oh ya,forgot la...this is Malaysia style ma...

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diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

yar...u are rite.
tat's so-called Malaysian culture